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The 7Ps derive from the concept of 7ps of service marketing hence (Product, Price, Promotion, Place, Packaging, Positioning & People) form the basics of a marketing mix. The key factors to connect and communicate with an audience. This inspired the 7P Tree. A tree where the basics meet and come together to create everlasting impressions in the minds of the consumers.


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  • Identifying the right audience and aligning with the marketing sales and overall objectives.
  • To exploit every bit of opportunities which a brand needs to connect with the TG.
  • Brand activation through innovative and memorable customer engagement solutions ensuring maximum mileage.
  • Crafting perfect moments with the dose of entertainment which adds to clients delight.
  • Entertainment based brand engagement entity rooted in 10 major Cities.
  • Offering turnkey solutions for corporate launches, conferences, seminars, events, Promotions, Retail is an Independent creative agency, and we love what we do.
  • As a team working side by side, we aspire for the communication design: a place where work, life and inspiration all are equal and integrated organically.
  • Our goal is to create Work that is honest, Solutions that are exploratory, educational, and inspirational & Connect.
  • Creative that is conceptually interesting and visually stunning. We design with an aim to make the process and collaboration as exciting and fun, as the end result, by delighting the Client & their Objective.
  • We also cater artist/ celebrity management from India and providing our services across globe.
  • We are always looking forward to have new business associations; we offer services in Apparels (Costumes/T-shirt/Caps/Shirt/Trouser/Jacket etc.)Corporate Gifts, Trophies, Awards & Plaques, Custom merchandise, Office Stationery, Promotional Products Printing & Designing on all Media and Events.
  • We also believe if there is right communication & connect then we can come over any challenges, any budget constraint through insight & fresh ideas.
  • We try to go by the name of our company being serving into service industry we believe in clients delight & keeping the vision of the brand in mind always when executing the project.

We Turn Every Project Into A Success Story By Crafting Perfect Moments

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